Building for production

Running the build script will generate production-ready assets through Vite. Their linking is handled by the directives, so no further action is required besides setting your APP_ENV to something else than local.

By default, assets are built in public/build. If you used Laravel Mix, you may be used to have them generated in public directly. With Vite, this isn't directly possible since the build directory is emptied. I believe this restriction is great, as having the assets in their own directory makes it easier to work with them.

You can change the build path in the configuration, but it is best to keep the default, unless you have a specific requirement.

ASSET_URL environment variable

Both this package's vite_asset and Laravel's default asset helpers make use of the ASSET_URL environment variable to generate an asset link.

This is particularly useful if assets are stored in a cloud-based storage such as S3, which is the case with Laravel Vapor.